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Candy Cane Dreams and Internal Conflict: A Holiday Pre-Detox Decision

So what is exactly is a nog?

Doesn’t really matter to me, as long as it’s made of eggs and cream, has nutmeg sprinkled on top and is the consistency of motor oil I’m usually drinking it over the holiday season along with all sorts of gravy-covered, almond bark-encrusted treats that my happy heart desires.

Having a pho-rific time eating…per usual
Having a pho-rific time eating…per usual

I have to admit, I love food. I’ve never really been the type to politely refuse a second helping, tend to grossly underestimate bite-size helpings, am too impatient to let my food properly cool before digging in, and I’m always the first one in line at the buffet even if it means mowing over my 90 year old grandmother or accidentally elbowing a kid in the face…hey, you snooze you lose pal.

Deep down I’m a voracious eater just waiting for the prime opportunity to completely gorge myself.

However, once I cracked 30, I realized that the size of my mid-section eerily and directly correlated to my portion sizes and probably had something to do with those late night dairy binges as well. Weird. I quickly found it advantageous to keep my grazing well-checked so as to avoid having to spend every waking moment overcompensating exercise for my frightful eating habits.

About a year ago I finally decided that I no longer felt comfortable in my own skin and decided to slim down and indulge in something much more rewarding – a healthy lifestyle. One of the main catalysts in helping me achieve a healthier and more vibrant life was becoming a Genesis Pure distributor. I have learned so much about how important the food we eat and the nutrient density of these foods is to our daily health that I couldn’t help but become healthier and slim down as a result.

Our bodies are remarkable creations that were built to be strong, healthy, and to heal themselves. Well-being is our natural state and only by feeding our bodies what we need from pure sources that the earth intended can we strengthen our bodies beginning at the cellular level. It’s only then that we can achieve optimum levels of health and wholeness.

I lost 15 pounds as a result of integrating exercise, healthy eating and Mila into my daily life. I’ve never felt better, healthier or more confident.

Now that it’s once again the most wonderful and most fattening time of the year, I’ve come to a fork in the road….shall I shove said fork in my face laden with yuletide yummies or shall I be the responsible, trim and health-minded individual that I have grown to respect and love?

Hmmmmm… that’s a tough one.

Profound words of insight, Dove.
Profound words of insight, Dove.

The food that we eat directly dictates how we feel. I know that popping those cream puffs will make me feel just like a cream puff – puffy, round and full of sugar. That’s not exactly what I’m going for. I also know that healthy, light, organic and alive foods will make me feel exactly like that – healthy, light, organic and alive. So I think I’ve pretty much answered my own question.

There is one extenuating circumstance, however.

I’m super stoked to partake in the Genesis Pure 7 Day Detox in January of 2014. An organic and healthy 7 day detox designed to not only quickly and safely help to lose weight but to also detoxify the body and help achieve renewal and purification after what I have lovingly dubbed my most favorite quarter of the year – the sugar-high Holiday trifecta – Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Many of my friends and teammates have participated in either the 7 or 30 day versions of the detox and usually experience at least 5-10 pounds of weight loss as a result. Sounds good to me! What better way to start the New Year than with organic purification and weight loss to boot? But my husband doesn’t necessarily agree. He prefers at least a little curve, or to be politically correct – some badonkadonk. Therefore he insists that I try to gain however much weight during the Holidays that I think I might lose during my detox so that I remain at the ideal weight I’m at right now.

Immediately my Honey Boo Boo’esque ulterior personality briefly rears its cheesy puff powdered head and before I know it, I’ve got candy canes and gingerbread men dancing provocatively in my head…15 pounds worth to be exact.

First world problems for sure – to gorge or not to gorge? That is the question…especially when I’m getting the green light from the person whose opinion matters most in my life.

But here’s the thing. Health and wellness aren’t about being perfect but it is about being strategic when it comes to what we’re feeding our bodies. I admit, I enjoy the finer things in life and that includes rich food and fudgy desserts but I’ve also come to the realization that consuming fudgy desserts in large portions will leave me feeling a bit fudged up.

Nothing compares to the confidence that comes from living a healthy life..not even butter sauce.
Nothing compares to the confidence that comes from living a healthy life..not even butter sauce.

I have learned over the past year or so that no amount of butter sauce or mint chocolate chip compares to being able to fit into skinny jeans from seasons past and feeling confident and beautiful in my own skin. There’s nothing like it.

Therefore, after much back and forth, it’s officially been decided. I choose to be strategic rather than over-indulgent this Holiday season. It doesn’t mean that I’m going to be perfect, but moderation shall be my key to happiness. ..although I may pop an extra chocolate ravioli or two just take make sure my badonkadonk doesn’t completely badonka-fizzle once I hit my New Year’s detox with a vengeance.

Does a post-Holiday detox sound like something you might be interested in? Stay tuned to learn more about the Start Your Year with a Genesis Detox details. You’ll definitely want to hear more about this!




Hey friend,
Wow, you have come so far in your quest to be healthy! Don’t forget those of us who have been “gym rats” still struggle with the same thing of over indulging at this time, oh wait I have a hard time resisting sugar all the time. Particularly, today when I receive a whole package of cake balls from a student and have proceeded to eat 4 out of the 6 :-( Your article is refreshing not only for the newer health conscious souls but for those of us who work out consistently and tend to fall off the wagon occasionally and get in a rut. Thank you, this just might help me not go crazy with treats that promise to be in the teacher’s lounge the next two days!


mmmm…cake balls :)

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