My Testimonial

My Story of Seeds and Transformation

A while back I was introduced to a little chia seed that changed my dandelion inspirational quote

My sister, Heather, had recently been approached by her best friend, next door neighbor, and naturopathic nutritionist about a premium chia seed blend called Mila. Intrigued by the simplicity, health benefits and potential business opportunity of this little seed, Heather soon felt led to share this info with me.

How grateful I am for that.

Sometimes I am honestly amazed at how beautifully this universe works.

At the time, I was searching…

I was searching for some sort of leverage in my professional life. I was tired of making other people more money than I was making for myself and depending on these other people for my paychecks. I had high need and low power.  I was sick of toiling my days away doing things that I didn’t really want to do and yearning for 5 o’clock so that I could break free.

I knew deep down that there had to be more to life.

Starting my own business sounded promising but I didn’t want to deal with employees or clients for that matter. So where does that leave me?  Well, it left me face down on my bed in a pool of tears and snot crying, wondering why I didn’t have it all figured out yet and wishing for an answer.

After consoling me and wiping said snot pool from my face, my husband recommended that we enroll in a class he had heard about called “Accelerated Results” taught by local lifecoach and powerhouse, Coral Thomas with The Secret to Life Coaching. It cost $1000. I remember balking at the money, thinking logically we couldn’t afford it but knowing deep down that we had to.

Soon after that, everything changed.

Self Discovery through expansion

I learned about myself, my tendencies and what was holding me back personally, spiritually, and professionally.  Fear.  Fear of every possibility, scenario and potentially bad thing that could ever happen. Fear of not being good enough or smart enough. Fear of danger and uncertainty. Fear of failure and embarrassment. Fear of just about anything really. You name it I was most likely shaking in my proverbial boots because of it.

The class consisted of an hour long phone call every Monday night for a year. 52 whole weeks of baring my soul, intense assignments and being uncomfortable. I hated that call and I loved that call all at the same time.

I tapped into something as a result of that class and that something was me.

After that all types of  people, opportunities, experiences, and amazing pieces of literature kept magically finding their way to me at the most opportune times. The most important of these was the little Mila seed.

Network Marketing….say what?

Robert KiyosakiOn my road to self discovery I was introduced to a book called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.  In the book the author, Robert Kiyosaki recommends an industry called Network Marketing. Oh geez. I was not interested in selling soap and shampoo door-to-door. That was not me at all.

So what was me exactly?

Well, whatever “me” had been up until that point had gotten me to where I was, so I was pretty much interested in doing anything that was the opposite of “me”.  Besides, once Kiyosaki explained what residual income was, I knew I wanted it. So network marketing it was. I knew right out of the gate that I needed to find something that I was passionate about if I was going to achieve any level of success in the network marketing industry.

I researched quite a few potential companies including a variety toting candles, cookware, purses and even skincare. But who was I kidding? I rarely even wash my face (gasp) and the art of cooking things that actually taste good still somewhat eludes me. And I just can’t get passionate about candles despite the fact that I love me a good-smelling vanilla candle. Don’t get me wrong, these are all fabulous products and companies, but nothing that I could personally align with.

Then opportunity waltzed directly into my life dressed as a little chia seed and a candid conversation in my kitchen between me and my sister.  The more I learned about it, the more I loved about it. It was simple, nutritious, unpretentious and wholesome. I was interested in and could actually get passionate about nutrition. Through my recent experiences I had discovered that this life is truly magical. Life is a gift. What better way to pay homage to our existence and our bodies then by feeding it whole, clean and healthy foods.

Mila, my miracle seed and personal transformation architect

There is no cleaner, healthier, more nutritious whole raw food in the world than seeds. Above and beyond that, Mila is the King of all chia seeds. Mila is nature’s greatest seed. It is a mixture of chia seeds grown to exact specifications and gathered from a number of locations near the equator, it is micro-sliced for complete bio-availability, is chock-full of amazing nutrients and is the body’s most nutritious sponge, sucking out every harmful toxin you can imagine. It satiates your appetite to assist in weight loss and it has more Omega 3’s than fish oil.


I did my research which included eating it for myself as well as eating a variety of other brands of chia to ensure that I could fully get behind my product. You can check out my entire Mila testimonial on the sidebar to the right (once I get it up:)), but in a nutshell, with the addition of exercise and proper diet, I was able to lose 15 lbs. Mila also supports regular, productive bowel movements for me…and believe me, after a lifetime of painful constipation I was thanking the God of healthy and happy BM’s. It also encouraged regular increases of energy. There was absolutely no comparison between Mila and the cheaper brands of “chia” on the market.

Aside from the nutritional benefits, the business aspect was making a huge positive impact on my life, my finances, and my confidence. I loved everything about it.

Genesis Pure, an unknown turn yet unparalleled opportunity

Then in July of 2013, an esteemed naturopathic health food company called Genesis Pure acquired my Mila seed and my former company, Lifemax. I was on vacation with my husband and had little access to the outside world from our haven on the beach. But I soon got wind of a huge change within my beloved company and received an email that stated “We Are Now Genesis Pure” and I cried.

Right off the bat I thought that the new company sounded cheesy and I didn’t want to be associated with it. I cried because my golden opportunity and the object of my passion had sold out and I cried because I thought I had blown it with my personal network. I had put myself and my reputation on the line for a company that was no longer a reality. I was shocked and angry and sad.

I knew nothing about this new company or why the little chia seed that I was so passionate about was now a part of a larger line up of naturopathic health food that I knew nothing about.  But now I was all of a sudden supposed to testify as passionately for their products as passionately as I had for my little chia seed?

I was afraid. But I had been down that road before and it hadn’t served me well.

Therefore, I decided to give this new company a chance and I’m so thankful that I did. I got home and I did all my research and due diligence on the company, the founder of the company, Lindsey Duncan, and the Genesis Pure products. I even turned around and flew out to the Genesis Pure annual conference three weeks later in Salt Lake City so that I could see for myself if this was something that I could honestly align myself with once again.

I quickly realized that Mila was acquired by Genesis Pure because of its one-of-a-kind nutritional output. Genesis Pure touts only the best of the best when it comes to its ingredient and product list which is why Mila was now an integral core product in their line. The Genesis Pure philosophy is centered around the concept of ‘cleanse, balance, build’ enabling the body to thrive and heal itself. I love that and it aligns 100% with my philosophy that this life, this planet, and our bodies are magical and health-driven to the core. When given the proper ingredients, nutrients and pure nourishment, our bodies can heal and transform themselves. Health and vitality are our natural state.

The company is led by the reputable Lindsey Duncan and the products are one-of-a-kind, complete and healthy formulations unlike anything else out there. They are created in nutritional clinics with love, knowledge and naturopathic expertise. Not only are the products nutritionally awe-inspiring, the business opportunity increased tenfold when Mila merged with Genesis Pure because of their range of products, experience, compensation plan and back-end support.

It was all perfect. I should have known by then that the universe does actually work perfectly…if I just let it.

My Personal Genesis

sarah and productOh and the name Genesis Pure, the name that I thought was so cheesy when I first heard it? It’s based on the premise that every day is a new beginning when it comes to our wholeness, happiness, and health. It’s up to us each day to create a new and awesome genesis. If we’ve made poor choices in the past, each day and each moment offers us a new beginning to put the past behind us and move forward in health, wellness and overall thriving.

And the word pure represents the sheer purity of the ingredients. I can get behind that 100%.

When I found myself laying in a pool of tears and snot over a year ago, that was my personal genesis. That was my rock bottom when I knew that I had to change something and everything to create the life that I truly desired.

I didn’t know it at the time, but Genesis Pure was the solution and the fresh, healthy beginning that I had been searching for.

In this industry I stretch the confines of my comfort zone constantly but I’m also richly rewarded. As Eleanor Roosevelt so aptly stated, “Do something every day that scares you.” I’m taking that to heart. The only way to overcome fear is to look it straight in the eye, so that’s what I’m doing. But I’m doing it for the greatest reasons I can think of – for daily growth, for time and financial freedom, to support and build my team, and to better the health and wellness of the world.

That’s how a little chia seed changed my life. How can it change yours?